Weight Reduction And Remission Of type 2 Diabetes

Weight reduction and remission of type 2 diabetes


EP 07 Health Tips with Dr Anthony with Arifa Muzaffar

Professor Mike Lean, University of Glasgow and Dr Anthony Leeds discuss the Diabetes remission trial (DiRECT).
In conversation with Mrs Arifa Muzaffar and Dr Anthony Leeds, Professor Mike Lean, Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Glasgow describes the DiRECT trial of Total Diet replacement (TDR) weight loss with behavioural and lifestyle guidance followed by weight maintenance to achieve diabetes remission. Prof Lean showed that the combination of significant weight loss using TDR followed by weight maintenance can achieve 10-15kg weight loss and diabetes remission in a proportion of participants.

Dr Anthony Leeds said ‘Diabetes and its complications cause much human suffering and cost an appreciable proportion of national drug budgets. Diabetes is becoming more common. The trend may be reversed over the coming five years or so by introducing effective weight loss and weight maintenance programs.’

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Lean MEJ et al. Durability of a primary care-led weight-management intervention for remission of type 2 diabetes: 2-year results of the DiRECT open-label, cluster-randomised trial. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 7, 344-355 (2019

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