Surgery For Weight Loss | And Weight Maintenance

Surgery for weight loss and weight maintenance


In conversation with Mrs Arifa Muzaffar and Dr Anthony Leeds, Mr Dimitrios Pournaras, Consultant baratric surgeon, Bristol, England discusses the role of surgery to achieve weight loss and improve diabetes and other obesity-related conditions. Mr Pournaras explains how surgery on the stomach and gut can help people lose weight and how, in those with diabetes, there may be profound improvements soon after surgery. Weight loss may continue over 18 months and there may well be improvements in other conditions such as osteoarthritis and obstructive sleep apnoea. People who previously struggled to go to work or help care for their family may see improvement in physical function and quality of life.

Dr Anthony Leeds, said ‘Bariatric surgery is thoroughly established as a weight reduction and maintenance therapy throughout most counties in the world. Some countries, such as Sweden, make this available to many suitable people in an appropriate manner, while others, such as the UK, deny this to all but a fortunate few. The surgery is only part of the treatment, as lifelong post-operative care, including nutrient supplements is important to ensure the best possible long-term outcomes. This type of surgery is cost-effective and can reduce medical care costs.’

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