Diabetes Remission essential for Pakistan

Diabetes Remission essential for Pakistan


Diabetes Remission essential for Pakistan says Prof. Dr. Leeds in conversation with Sami Ullah Malik

Health Chat with Dr Anthony Leeds Series 3 Episode – Part 1
‘Diabetes Remission essential for Pakistan’ says Dr Leeds in conversation with Sami Ullah Malik
In this first introductory discussion in the series ‘Health Chats with Dr Anthony Leeds’, Sami Ullah Malik questions him about why he recommends that diabetes remission should be available in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. He discusses how the evidence from work done in the UK, in the Middle East and elsewhere shows that diabetes remission can be achieved in a good proportion of people with type 2 diabetes of recent onset, and in due course this should become available in all countries. Dr Leeds comments briefly on those who influenced his own career decisions and encouraged his interest in the effects of diet and nutrition on health, while reflecting on how gaining new knowledge from scientific discovery is only part of the story. He says that education and guidelines must incorporate new guidance to ensure delivery of new treatments for the benefit of all people. It can take a long time, perhaps 15 years or more from the time of a new discovery to the time that it is first applied, sometimes because there is resistance to change. In introducing the new series of discussions, he says that he will again interview Prof Mike Lean about the Direct diabetes remission trial undertaken in the UK. He will also discuss with other colleagues how weight loss can be useful in other conditions related to overweight and obesity. It is Dr Leeds’ wish that all who are affected by obesity related problems including diabetes will have an opportunity to achieve and maintain effective weight loss, thereby improving their health and quality of life.
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